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"One of the most difficult things to achieve in life is the rare kind of personal integrity we call authenticity. Lured off track by the pressure to be somebody else, most of us never get there. Man Between Earth and Sky is the gripping story of how one man did it. Through photos, text and art, that bring to life the rare places of this earth, the mind, and a vision for his journey, Louis Roberts shows how, through the power of creativity, many more of us can do it. It is a rare achievement."

David Loye, Ph.D., Psychology. UCLA School of Medicine research director for programs on psychosocial adaptation and human survival. Award winning author of: The Healing of a Nation and Darwin’s Lost Theory.
"I believe this timely book is an exceptional find for any student of architecture from the early years of developing one’s self-conscious form-making process through later personalized emphasis on symbolic expression of life and natural forces through architecture as landscape. It is a clear, insightful, & poetic introduction to many of the terms, topics and concepts of design in the world of architecture for the thoughtful student, well beyond the realm of assignments and deadlines - much like meeting a design master with time to talk about his own history of discovery, including many fine drawings & photographs."

Brian B. Kesner, B. Arch, M. Arch, University of California, Berkeley. Architect, with practice focusing on sustainable architecture and Emeritus Professor of Architecture, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, California.
"This book on architecture and creativity, bold and refreshing in its format, is in itself an example of excellent design and original organization. Fully three of its chapters center on philosophy, to which the author refers as "...the intellectual platform of our existence (that) determines the view we have of reality...". Roberts emphasizes this as our modus operandi - ideas conceived and channeled by that philosophy become the thing made or done through our subsequent related actions. He further examines the evolution of this intellectual platform throughout history. All in all, this book is a worthy addition to the literature of architecture - highly recommended."

Christopher Moomaw, B. Arch., Columbia University. Architect in private practice.
" ‘Man Between Earth and Sky,’ the recently published reflections of architect / philosopher Louis O. Roberts, succeeds at many levels in its goal of raising the consciousness of its readers about the creative process. Using architecture as the medium, the book invites us along on Mr. Roberts’ personal journey in the discovery of his own creative talents. His innovative and unusual book helps guide us to a better understanding of the role of our unconscious, and of nature’s built-in symbols, in the process of expressing our own creativity. Mr. Roberts skillfully and subtly guides us on this exploration not simply with his concise and thought-provoking text, but with a multitude of imaginative images and illustrations, and by the very high aesthetic values in the production of the book itself. It represents a valuable contribution to the literature on creativity for people in all fields. This book is the thoughtful outcome of a career of architectural practice and teaching which has brought Mr. Roberts a keen focus on the ‘symbolic awareness of architecture through a process of creativity,’ as the subtitle of the book suggests."

Gary E. Davis, BA, Whitman College, JD, University of Chicago, Africa-Asia Fellow, University of Syracuse. Senior United Nations Development Officer with assignments in Africa, the Middle East and New York.
"A beautiful and thoughtful guide to the sources of creativity, especially for architects. As proof of the verity of his underlying philosophy, many of the inspiring visuals – photographs and architectural concepts shown in delightful sketches – spring from the author’s own ever fertile mind."

Norman F. Carver, Jr., Yale College, Yale Architecture. Architect, Fulbright recipient, co-founder of the Yale Architectural Journal, Perspecta, and author of eight definitive books on indigenous architecture.
"This book is truly marvelous! A blend of superb images in a poetic embrace. It is timely as well as timeless. It’s the kind of binding of thoughts, visions and enduring truths that we take assurance in for the future, particularly now in these times of political and economic malaise. Bravo!"

A. Richard Williams, M.Arch., MIT. Fellow A.I.A., professor emeritus, author (Archipelago and The Urban Stage) and former director of the graduate architecture program at the University of Illinois.
"Louis Roberts has created a personal masterpiece - accessible to everyone, and possibly life-altering for young people thinking about a career in the visual arts. By encouraging original thought, he gives us some excellent tools to look deeper and greener into our future, and helps light a path towards a broader understanding of a balanced world."

Kenneth D. Coleman, M.B.A., Ph.D., Stanford University, Trinity College, Dublin. Creator of companies, houses and objects.
"Not since the classic book Architecture without Architects has the integral relationship between architectural form and environment been so beautifully presented. Louis Roberts' photographs are stunning and his comparisons succinct. His sketches demonstrate how natural form can be used for ecological function – a consideration that should be a must in the architectural programs of today."

Nanette Sexton, Ph.D. Arts, Harvard University. Photographer, curator and lecturer.
"Man Between Earth and Sky by Louis O. Roberts is a magnificent introduction to the relationships between architecture, the earth, humans, and creativity. This beautifully written and illustrated book invites the reader in visually and verbally. It is the best book I have seen on the subject."

G. Tyler Miller, Jr., Ph.D. Author of 58 books on environment and the earth, and consultant on education and building design.
"This is a beautiful book, both in its prose and its pictures. Roberts compels us to regard nature with fresh eyes, and to consider the dynamic between creativity and its context. Though his focus is architecture, the principles captured can facilitate any creative process."

Amy Funt, M.A. Child Development. Trustee, Board of Education, Carmel Unified School District.