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  Creativity is innate - school can kill it, TED - Ken Robinson
In depth scope of creativity - process and history
Creativity for Life - everyday exploration and application

Architecture / Schools

  Sydney Opera house - Jorn Utzon, architect
Alvar Aalto - early modernist architecture
Zaha Hadid - contemporary deconstructivist architecture
University of California, Berkeley - environmental design

Balanced World

  Sustainable Living - overview and resourses
Cradle to Cradle, book - William McDonough
Our Future Planet - creating a sustainable world


  Louis Roberts - architecture, landscapes, objects
Norman Carver - indigenous architecture photos / books
Jeffrey Becom - vernacular architectural color photographs
Art Sinsabaugh - photographs of horizontal landscapes


  Nancy Rawls Roberts - artist, ceramics, mixed media
Albert Paley - artist, metal fabricator, sculptor
Lucas Blok - artist, painter, colorist